ASM Microbe 2023に参加し、ポスター発表を行ないました。

ASM Microbe 2023(アメリカ微生物学会総会)に参加し、ポスター発表を行ないました。

  • Okubo T, Yamaguchi H: Soil bacteria release and migrate into the air in response to change in environmental factors: an experimental field study. ASM Microbe 2023, Houston, USA, 2023.6.18. AES10-3
  • Yamaguchi H, Li R, Zhang S, Okubo T: Exploration for novel signal transduction pathways utilized by Chlamydia trachomatis L2 thorough screening approved drug libraries. ASM Microbe 2023, Houston, USA, 2023.6.17. HMB-917